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Artpassion display
Artpassion display
Shelf life
6 months
Item dimensions
380x200x600 mm
Q-ty in 1 display
22 units*
EAN code
*Artpassion Truffle cream and hazelnut Selection, 170 g
Artpassion Praline taste Coffee and Orange Selection,
170 g (12390)
Artpassion Mini Cupcakes, 165 g (15960)
Artpassion Mini Desserts, 165 g (15959)
In 1966 the Red October factory developed an excellent recipe
of natural milk chocolate. The chocolate was named Alionka
honor of millions little girls who love chocolate so much. Nowadays,
after half of a century, the recipe of this milk chocolate remains
unchanged. The image of little Alionka
also stays the same. Its
unique design became so popular and iconic that sales of Alionka
products continue to grow in Russia and other markets. Alionka
unites generations — the brand beloved by children and their
Milk chocolate in sticks.
Share the taste!
Share the pleasure!
Unique image since 1966.
Traditions and quality
Great choice for the
whole family
: Sweet treasure
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