UNITED CONFECTIONERS Co. keeps up a good tradition

At the beginning of November, a donor event was again held at the office of UNITED CON-FECTIONERS Management Company. Every year the number of those wishing to partake in such events increases, because each employee of the company considers it his civic duty to help children in need.

As in previous years, the donor center was orga-nized at the corporate headquarters. Top managers of the Holding Company were the first to come to the health center and encouraged other donors by their example. As a result, about 60 people took part in this event, and those who could not arrive for health reasons contributed money to help children overcome their illnesses. As a result, 25 liters of blood were donated and 13,630 rubles were transferred to GIVE LIFE Foundation. The employees of the Holding Company always participate in such events sincerely and enthusiastically, involving their colleagues in the donor program and in other charitable projects of UNITED CONFECTIONERS.

It should be mentioned that charitable events are regularly held at all the enterprises of the Holding Company and have already become an integral part of the corporate culture of the employees.
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