"United Confectioners" continue the good tradition.

The donor day again held at the beginning of November in the office of "United Confectioners". Every year these actions are involved more & more employees and each of us considers of social duty to help needy children.

As in previous years, the blood point  was organized in the office “UC”. Top managers of the company came to the first and their example was supported to other donors. As a result, about 60 people took part in the donor day. Those who could not participate in the event gave money to help children to cope with illness. Consequence, 25 litres of blood were got and 13630 rubles were transferred to the Fund "Gift of life". The employees always sincerely and with enthusiasm participate in such actions, involving colleagues to the donor movement and other charity projects of "UC".

The charity events regularly arrange in all manufactures of the “UC” and have become to the part of corporate culture.
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