About us

UNICONF (United Confectioners) is the largest confectionery holding company in the Eastern Europe and leader of the Russian confectionery market. One of the factories of UNICONF Holding Co. is the oldest confectionery enterprise of Russia founded in 1804. We are proud of our history, unique brands and modern technologies. Millions of consumers in Russia and in other countries around the world choose our sweets, waffles, biscuits and chocolate every day. Nowadays our main task is to export products to foreign markets. To this end, we adapt our products to the tastes of foreign consumers and develop new products.
1804 YEAR

We have passed a long way from the first Moscow sweet shop to a major confectionery empire. We carefully control our production process from the stage of raw materials delivery to the moment of finished products release. We sel ect only the best cocoa beans fr om Ghana, Venezuela and Cote d’Ivoire to satisfy customer tastes. We have our own agricultural sector and dairy production.
Devotion of our customers, a team of professionals and huge modern capacities are the key to the success of our holding company.

Leader of the Russian confectionery market:

  • 20th rank among the world’s confectionery companies
  • 330 thousand tons of products per year
  • 19 factories in Russia, 11 distribution centers
  • 45 countries know and like our products
  • 215 years of candy production history