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Millions of consumers
in Russia and CIS choose our chocolate, pralines, candies, waffles and biscuits every day.
Nowadays our main goal is to reach consumers on export markets. Meeting this demand we adapted our brands
for sweetlovers worldwide.
This catalogue presents our international portfolio: brands Artpassion®, Korovka®, Felicita® and Darx®.
It is a great honor for us to be recognized as an expert of confectionary industry and a strong business partner.
Consumers’ love, team of professionals and huge modern capacities are the main assets of UNICONF holding.
370 thousand tons per year
212 years experience
In producing sweets
19 factories
9 distribution centers
4 logistic centers
agricultural sector and
dairy production
UNICONF (United Confectioners) is the largest confectionery holding of the Eastern Europe and the Leader of
the Russian confectionery market.
Uniconf was founded in 1804, it is the oldest confectionery company in Russia.
We have passed a long way from the first Moscow sweet shop to a powerful confectionery empire. We are proud of our
unique history, unique brands, ideas and technologies. We carefully control all the road of our products from
purchasing cocoa beans to delivering sweets to our customers. We select only the best cocoa beans from Cote d’Ivoire
and Ghana to please our consumers. We have our own agricultural sector and dairy production unit.
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